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Qui suis-je ?

Hi, thank you for stopping by! I'm Elodie and I operate this blog.


Short story, I'm a 27 french girl, vegetarian and passionate about food. Initially I studied law and was a lawyer for 3 years before realizing I headed to the wrong direction.

So I started it again, from scratch. And you know what? It was tough!


Since, my life has completely changed. I moved to Switzerland with the man I love, where we both live now in a small village whose population counts more cows than human beings (I don't complain about that though).


Today I work within a startup as Publishing developer and eventually built up my dream job: I can write all day long!

Fun facts: I bake way too much, collect granola bars (I have around a hundred of them) and watch as much TV shows about food as it is humanly possible.

I hope you appreciate my blog, and savor all the fun and positive energy I brought into it!

Top of the fork's designer, vegan challenger, book eater

Pourquoi ce site ?


 I created Top of the Fork in July 2018 to share my passion for food, travel and writing.


To me, food is an inherent part of our life. It has the potential to bring real change both upstream and downstream - from the way it is produced, supplied and sold to the way it is cooked, shared and valued.

Top of the Fork was the best way at my disposal to communicate this passion. It is aimed to promote people's actions, share unconventional recipes in a funny way and highlight unusual and marvelous food while traveling.

I hope you will appreciate its content and its sense of humor. Also feel free to leave a comment or to share an article to make it grow. It would be the most treasured reward I could expect!


Top of the Fork c'est quoi ?

Do you have specific questions or want to get in touch?

Contact me via email.

Two things:

A culinary blog dedicated to healthy and gourmet food through vegetarian & vegan recipes, good addresses, gastronomic trips and a generous dose of humor.

A Franco-Swiss platform committed to promote innovative and local initiatives in gastronomy.

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